Email & Productivity

Customers are 9x more likely to choose a business with a professional email address instead of Take control of your brand and your team!

For Individuals

Gotta start somewhere
$ 3
/ Per Month
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Powerful Webmail Interface
  • Mobile App & Tablet Friendly
  • Calendar, Contacts & Tasks

For Teams & Groups

Admin tools for efficiency
$ 4
/ Per Month
  • 25 GB Storage
  • Access On Any Device
  • Shared Calendar, Contacts & Tasks
  • Task Assignments & Admin Tools
Pro Choice

Drag & Drop Email Marketing

Engage your clients in powerful email marketing, with our simple drag & drop interface. Easily upscalable to accommodate as you grow, with simple unsubscribe handling for worry-free CASL compliance.

We get them all the time

Questions, meet answers.

Apparently if we put answers here, people don’t read them. That’s ok. Call us at 1-844-494-9067 for a dedicated 24/7 question answering team.

You don’t. It’s an annual investment that you either do or don’t see value in. We hope you see the value in it like we do. Our data shows that customers are 9x more likely to choose a business with branded email over a major corporate gm*** account.

An email account is an actual inbox. You can send stuff in and out of there. 

A forwarding account is an ‘alias’ that looks like a branded email address on your domain, but it actually just acts as a forwarding gateway to redirect the message to an existing inbox. You can not actually receive messages or send them from a forwarding account. An example of this is info@ or sales@ in addition to you@whatever.domain.

YES! A big fat yaaaaasssss all around for this upgrade!

Team accounts have an integrated task/calendar tool that connects to teach other, making it easy to manage team projects and stay on track! 

A single-sign-on (SSO) allows you to seamlessly toggle between the different productivity apps and your inbox, all from the same browser window!

Simple. Log into your self-serve client-portal to access/edit/administer your business accounts from the Control Centre, or you can bookmark the login page to your inbox, which is found here. 

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation is what governs the distribution of email, telephone and SMS communications of a marketing nature. 

In non-legal language, the government has rules in place that say we can’t spam people, and you can’t market your business outside these reasonable rules. 

These rules offer a fair playing field for consumers who want to maintain privacy, and business who want to engage their local clients.

Couple ways…

You can place a sign-up form on your site, which places the contact info straight on your list.

Or you can import contacts from your own list into the software.

Once your contacts are in the system, you can create a “campaign” using our awesome templates, or start from scratch.

It’s a simple drag & drop system that allows you to set links, photos and text.

Few more clicks and you’ve sent your campaign!

Check out this article for more email marketing help.

YES! Just follow the on-screen prompts during the checkout process to start setting up your accounts. Once your inbox is ready, you’ll be given a guided tour of the web-based platform, which concludes with instructions on how to set things up on popular Apple devices, Android devices, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & more!

We have discontinued the sale of new email services using the POP system. Current users can continue to renew their service or change to the currently offered IMAP upgraded servers.

In short, POP and IMAP are types of systems used to send mail and connect your devices to the internet. 

Previous plans were offered at tiered prices, and operated on different servers. Now, everything the same at a new, incredibly lower price!

Your domain registration is a minimum 12-month term, therefore we typically tie the renewal dates of all your products together. When we provision the space on our secure servers for your data, we also make sure you are connected to our backup servers and security monitoring. This is too complicated to do for 30days at a time, so all email plans are simply made available on an annual basis, and we offer a monthly cost-breakdown to our customers as a courtesy/budget calculating tool.

Once you have a plan in your account, you can simply upgrade or add-on additional services for a nominal fee. You can add one account at a time for new-employees or whatever, or you could simply purchase a plan in bulk and activate accounts as needed. 

In short, it’s the spam that you hate getting every morning.

When used correctly, it’s the ability to send up to 5,000 emails at a time to subscribers or contacts.

You can use this tool to publish a monthly newsletter, launch sale events, or provide email notifications of your newly published blog.

Our drag & drop email marketing tool allows you easily manage the customers who have “opted out” of receiving communications from you, in accordance with CASL.

You are required by law to maintain a list of people who have “opted out” of your communications.

This means, when your email marketing is sent, we add a small link at the bottom that says “unsubscribe”, which is a requirement of CASL. When clicking this link, your customers are placed on your internal “do not email” list, which they can reverse at any time.

Your inability to solicit marketing offers to these clients does not restrict your right to contact them in accordance with CASL; Lets say, for example, if your product/service requires you to contact them or send them a notification of sorts, you are still permitted to do so to the extent that is required to fulfill your obligation of providing the product or service.