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By continuing to use our website and/or service, you agree to have been given the opportunity to read, understand & be bound by these terms.

General Info & Who We Are

Build A Better Website is a branded product of MEH ServicesA Canadian-owned & operated business since 2011. In addition to domain registrations, websites and email services, we provide Canadian entrepreneurs with a full suite of promotional & marketing services to power your brand. This website offers a blended experience for self-serve products that pair with offline services provided by our team, including graphic design, content creation, custom coding and business consultations. 

Non-Discrimination Notice

We’re living in the modern world. The owner of this company is a flaming homosexual. There’s too much stupid ugliness in the world to have to worry about bigoted opinions and teaching grown-ups how to play nice. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory practices when it comes to the staff we hire, partners we work with or clients we engage with. Every effort has been made to make our services available across the globe, but please understand some tools may only be available in English. Call our 24/7 customer support (1-844-494-9067) if you experience difficulty accessing or utilizing our services, and every effort will be made to ensure you receive fair, dignified and efficient service, regardless of who you are or what you do.

In exchange for our unbiased service to you, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse, threats, angry behaviour or the like. We reserve the right to terminate our relationship with you in the event this policy is breached. Furthermore, we reserve the right to play this game with 0-strike policy. 

The Data We collect

Under no circumstances do we sell your data. The data we collect is limited to the extent required to provide to you your requested service, product or webpage. In addition to your identifiable information, this website uses cookies and analytic tools to gather additional non-identifiable information to deliver a great online experience. 

Cookies are a piece of “internet magic”, or software coding, placed on a webpage; These cookies are downloaded to your computer when visiting the website, and your computer sends data to the website as part of it’s functionality. You may manage your cookies on your computer or browser’s settings.

While not directly connected to your personally identifiable information, we may collect details such as gender, age, browser, hardware, and language preferences. We collect this information to measure the success (or failure) of the work we do. For more information, email help@buildabetterwebsite.ca 

Additional Perks Terms & Licence 

Licensed media, templates and digital assets are available at no-charge to clients with an active domain or web-hosting subscription. If applicable, you may submit a request for custom graphic design or media production services. Any media (custom creations or otherwise) provided by Build A Better Website, is considered property of the original owners or creators, unless a purchase invoice and separate license have been provided. You use is limited as described herein;

You are granted a revocable worldwide sub-license (on behalf of Build A Better Website) to utilize these copyrighted materials in your work, and as indicated in your asset request. 

You are forbidden from sub-licensing or redistributing the provided material (for a charge or not), and agree to utilize the provided materials only for the purposes disclosed on the asset request form, or as authorized by Build A Better Website. You agree to not archive provided materials for future use, save and except for the purposes of creating backup files of assets currently in use, and for the projects assets may be used for.

Upon termination of your account or active services, you hereby relinquish your rights to utilize any stock media or copyrighted content obtained through the self-serve system, or provided to you by Build A Better Website. This may include derivative work or custom graphic content such as (but not limited to) logos, mockups, code, programming marketing material or the like.

Beyond authorized use, you agree to be liable to Build A Better Website for the greater of either a penalty of $1000CAD for each occurrence, the licensing costs and penalties from the original sources/author, the hourly billable rates to create custom content, or any judgments (including costs) made against you or your operations. You furthermore agree to be liable to the original copyright holder for any works not created by Build A Better Website, and agree to hold harmless and defend (or reimburse us the costs of defending) any actions that may arise from your misuse of copyrighted or licensed content. 

Additional Service Terms

By purchasing a web-hosting product or email service, you will be prompted to further read and agree to our additional service terms for web-hosted clients. 

In short, you will agree to not use our website or services for illegal activities like selling drugs online or accessing child pornography. That shit is illegal and we do not allow it on our servers. These service terms clearly state that we reserve the right to monitor suspected illegal activities and terminate services with no recourse to refund, should illegal activity be discovered. Just don’t do it please. 

Additional offline services shall be preformed in accordance with your assets request or instructions otherwise. You agree to be bound by our terms regardless of your method of submission, and we shall act on any reasonable request in the manner that it is received in the spirit of prompt delivery.

Pricing, Sales & Renewals

We may at times, offer promotional pricing or sale offers for our products or services. To lock-in your savings or discounts, we recommend purchasing a multi-year service subscription at the advertised price. Prices may be subject to change with or without notice. Renewal notifications will be sent to your email address on file, and you agree to renew your products or services at the  posted promotional or market rate unless otherwise cancelled. Failure to renew a product, service or domain registration may result in loss of data or a recovery fee. 

Returns, Refunds & Adjustments

We reserve the sole and exclusive right to determine if or when a refund or service credit may be due. All hosted web products are pre-paid and non-refundable. If you are not completely satisfied with a product or service, please call our 24/7 support at 1-844-494-9067. Our team will do our very best to help you troubleshoot the issue or resolve the situation to your satisfaction. For some services like domain registrations, we may not be able to provide a refund more than 30 days after a registration – in cases like this, we thank you for your cooperation and understanding that these things are regulated internationally, and we must abide by regulations set by the “Internet People”.

For any additional questions, comments or concerns, get in touch directly.

Please allow up to 12 hours for a personalized response, and up to 30 days for a response to any legal, privacy or administrative inquiry. For faster service, call 1-844-494-9067 to speak to our 24/7 customer support.